"clouds are not only vapor, but shape, mobility, silky sacks of nourishing rain. the pear orchard is not only profit, but a paradise of light. the luna moth, who lives but a few days, sometimes only a few hours, has a pale green wing whose rim is like a musical notation. have you noticed?"mary oliver, excerpt of “musical notation: 1”, in thirst


About Me

name: seph (persephone)
age: 21
pronouns: he + they
hello :] my name is seph, my main obsession is my ocs, i'm a bug enthusiast, i think horror movies and dreamy poetic movies are cool, and i love kpop & jpop girl groups probably more than i should ❤️ i currently work 2 jobs, one of thems at an alpaca/llama rescue 🦙feel free to message me, im always open to making new friends, talk to me about your ocs, girl groups, music/book/movie recommendations, animals or anything else :D i may be slow to reply because i work a lot but i appreciate every kind messagei dont have a dni because i just block & report freaks if i see them bcuz they follow me anyway (freaks includes: terfs, transmeds, swerfs, fascists, pedos and pedo supporters)


raw, titane, attack the block, hellboy I & II, mad max: fury road, labyrinth, the losers, moonlight, spirited away, what we do in the shadows, alice in wonderland, stoker, handmaiden, oldboy, treasure planet, bratz fashion pixiez, descendant I and II, the professional, jennifers body, coraline, black swan, heathers, girl interrupted, american mary, ginger snaps, innocence, rogue one, the crow, into the spiderverse, dune, the dark crystal

Anime & Manga

dorohedoro, precure, c3bu, black rock shooter, michiko to hatchin, claymore, panty and stocking with garter belt, yuru camp, yama no susume, jormungand, girls & panzer, high school fleet, princess tutu, flip flappers, carole & tuesday, alien 9, d4dj, love live, bandori, hakumei to mikochi, violet evergarden, wonder egg priority

dungeon meshi, kakegurui, innocent, their story, the girl from the other side, kasane, the promised neverland, sugar sugar rune, claymore, tenkuu shinpan, jibaku shounen hanako-kun, takeo-chan bukkairoku, totsukuni no shoujo, maiko-san chi no makanai-san


journey, abzu, goatlings, bloodborne, sekiro: shadows die twice, we know the devil, heaven will be mine, hellblade senuas sacrifice, stray cats crossing, 1bitheart, alice: madness returns, [email protected], pocket mirror, butterfly soup, girls frontline, stardew valley, animal crossing, ensemble stars, mahoutsukai no yaku


*not necessarily a stan list, just music i love and listen to a lot :)

loona, gwsn, wjsn, pinkfantasy, twice, red velvet, blackpink, pixy, momoland, dreamcatcher, weki meki, f(x), brave girls, alice (elris), itzy, fromis_9, weeekly, kep1er, honey popcorn, nature, everglow, bvndit, cignature, stayc,, purple kiss, nmixx, woo!ah!, seventeen, a.c.e yukika, sunmi, hyuna, chungha, somi, lee jin-ah, yena, eunbi
akb48, beyooooonds, morning musume, niziu, migma shelter, kaqriyoterror, wasuta, necronomidol, momoiro clover z, at seventeen (@17), bish, atarashii gakkou!
lexie liu, rina sawayama, tinashe, garbage, mother mother, kesha, britney spears, lizzo, megan thee stallion, tierra whack, rico nasty, leikeli47, normani, july talk, kim petras, janelle monae, beyoncé, cake, rihanna, halestorm, jack white, the kills, kero kero bonito, kimbra, kmfdm


alpacas & llamas, hiking, vampire the masquerade, astrology, greek mythology, entomology (butterflies, moths, spiders, cockroaches) beekeeping, zombies and apocalypse related stuff

My Characters

• main project as of now, a visual novel about you, the protagonist, who takes a trip to purgatory, where you meet a group called the Diviners who ask for your help in defeating RABBITHOLE
[wands, cups, swords, pentacles]
• major wip, but this is my biggest project, characters are hidden because i need to redesign them
[maj47, mimicry49]
• fan project inspired by akb48 and keyakizaka46, most designs are still a wip
• another fan oc project which kinda grew a plot of its own, storys not finished but i wanna make a visual novel about it !
• a story about three polyamorous demons and an omnipotent god. just a fun lil pet project that i'd like to make a comic about :]
• a collection of mail and texts between beings known as celestials, another huge wip
• set in an alternate universe where the world is split up into sectors, i just wanted to make a slice of life story but make it weird and kinda unhinged at the same time, there is so set story for this at the moment its just a mishmash of different stories



i enjoy drawing....
✿ feminine characters
✿ androgynous characters
✿ humanoid characters
✿ cute characters
i'm ok at drawing....
✿ flat faced furries
i'm not very good at drawing....
✿ masculine/muscular characters
✿ non-flat faced furries
✿ ferals
✿ mech
if you have any questions you can ask me anonymously (or not) on my tellonym :D


if i didn't get to you last year, i will 100% get you in 2022 >:3c !!!! if you're on this list it means i plan on attacking you 🔥revenge for leafbunne
revenge for artiethebeeboi
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